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There seem to beendless cases of sexual harassment到了光明的时候,but these are the tip of the iceberg.In Australia,575 cases of harassment and rapehave been reported in higher education in the past five years alone.Most cases go unpunished,while other institutional responses are行动迟缓的或不足。例如,在575个案例中,only six perpetrators were expelled.In the University of New England,perpetrators were only罚款$55 and received eight hours community service.

这些问题是众所周知的,but equity advocates note that little institutional reform has happened.继续阅读Using Intersectionality in Collective Responses to Sexual Harassment

Interview: Talking Feminist my188betSociology


如果你在我的其他社交媒体上错过了这个,in January 2019,Lady Science发表了一个关于我的职业生涯和女权主义的播客。我在2018年底接受了莱拉·麦克尼尔的采访,总编辑之一。Below is an excerpt where you can learn a little about my professional history.我讨论了少数民族社会学家如何在我们的领域挑战知识生产。I show how the concept of otherness is feeding the overt political resurgence of White nationalism.Then I cover the importance of intersectionality in sociological practice.

Portrait of me commissioned from the feminist and artist, Tyler Feder

莱拉:为了开始我们的系列赛,我要和祖莱卡·泽瓦洛斯谈谈,188bet开户注册a sociologist from Australia,关于社会学的历史,my188bethow the work of Indigenous and minority sociologists is changing the field,and how intersectional feminism influences her work.Leila: Without further ado,I'll let Zuleyka introduce herself.

Z.Zevallos: Yep,so my name's 188bet开户注册Zuleyka Zevallos.我是社会学家,and I've got a PhD in my188betsociology.I started off doing research on the intersections of identity from migrant background women.I was really interested in how their experiences of gender,性欲,种族和宗教使他们的身份感,这也与他们的种族主义和多元文化主义经验有何联系,and how all of that affected their sense of belonging to their communities,以及更广泛的澳大利亚社会。

Z.泽瓦洛斯:在我完成博士学位后,我一直在教学,and then I was an academic for a little while.我教过性别和性的社会学,以my188bet及关于种族和种族的主要课程。I also looked at the impact of technology on society…

Z.泽瓦洛斯:最初几年我和一个跨学科的社会模特团队合作。这是一次非常棒的经历,因为它教会了我不同的社会学应用,my188bet还有如何与自然科学和物理科学的科学家交谈,from computer sciences,以及如何将他们的学科与我的学科融合在一起。
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my188betSociology of Spiders

一只小蜘蛛站在橙色的墙中央,in a halo of light

A diminutive spider accompanied by its tiny shadow had me captivated as I pondered the my188betsociology of spiders and fear.

蜘蛛激发了非理性的恐惧,despite the fact that most spiders can't harm humans.The small percentage that can are not usually found in our homes and they don't specifically seek us out for attack.然而,即使我看到家里有只蜘蛛(或者最近野营旅行中看到的蜘蛛)也反应过度!.

Our collective fear of spiders in urban areas is culturally determined,and it far outweighs the risk posed.Spiders feature as focus and metaphor for different types of fears in Western societies.即使在受过教育的人中,spiders are a source of disgust and anxiety.Why might that be the case?

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Invasion Day 2019

上周末是澳大利亚的一天。这个节日标志着土著和托雷斯海峡岛民的种族灭绝和被剥夺。This day will never be inclusive or live up to ideals of multiculturalism,as it is a Day of Mourning for First Nations people.我们不仅需要更改日期,还需要更改日期。现在是讲真话的时候了,a Voice to Parliament and Makarrata (treaty),如中所述Uluru Statement From the Heart.

1月26日,从上午11点开始,我们在入侵日集会上从海德公园向南游行到雅布节。The rally starts with speeches,吸烟仪式和舞蹈评论生存。Remembering theWaterloo Creek massacre.
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白度,Racism and Power

Here's a typical example of how White people exercise and maintain racism.凯里·安妮·肯尼利对周六的抗议活动勃然大怒,led by Aboriginal people,寻求改变澳大利亚日的日期,建立包括向议会和Makarata(条约)发声的系统性改革。肯尼利愤怒地敲桌子,‘Has anyone of them been out to the Outback where children,婴儿,5 year olds are being raped.他们的母亲被强奸了。Their sisters are being raped.They get no education.What have you done?Zippo.'

Here,Kennerly evokes the same strawman argument that politicises rape and child abuse that has been used since colonisation to deny Aboriginal people rights.She could be referring to the Northern Territory Intervention,军队进入偏远地区为土著儿童的迁移提供正当理由。The Intervention was NOT based on evidence – that's already been proven.It has been catastrophic for communities.继续阅读白度,Racism and Power


2018年12my188bet月视觉社会学!I bring you back some of the final sights from我借调到中央海岸.我们深入研究了过去半个世纪以来南非的政治和健康动荡。然后我们就去动物园,on a super hot day,and see that elephants know how to throw a good water party!


I loved this sticker at a cafe in The Entrace,Central Coast of New South wales!2 December 2018.



Roma is a beautiful film that covers issues of gender,race,class and violence in Mexico.致力于基于,作家/导演Alfonso Cuar_n的童年保姆和管家“Libo”(利比里亚·罗德古斯)这部电影是根据克里奥(伟大的亚利扎·阿帕里西奥)改编的,a young Mixtec woman employed by an affulent Mexican family.She has lived with them since the children's birth,herself perhaps still in her 20s.She is beloved by the children,但仍然被当作仆人对待。

Her woman employer,Sofiaalso tells Cleo she loves her at a pivotal point in the film,even as we see how she flies into rage,diminishes Cleo and blames her for insignificant details.Sofia's mother also lives in the household,mostly indifferent to Cleo,直到悲剧发生。在一个阶段,having been on her feet all day working,克莱奥坐在地上,holding the children's hands,as the rest of the family sits comfortably on the couch watching TV.Sofia then directs Cleo to get her husband a drink after Cleo is settled.

她们是被种族和阶级分开的女人,但那些在生命中被人捆绑的人,是轻慢和虐待他们的。The men are a wreck.每个人,including Sofia,call the philandering husband ‘The Doctor,' his status,虚荣和心血来潮扰乱了他周围的一切。继续阅读罗马:电影评论

Heterosexism in a Scientific Study of Lesbian Attraction

a White woman,shot only from the upper torso,手持以LGBTQIA或自豪旗颜色排列的蜡烛

一项在2017年5月获得媒体广泛关注的进化心理学研究声称,显示女性对其他女性的性吸引力是进化的结果,specifically for the pleasure of heterosexual men.这项研究被广泛报道为“同性恋女性是为了男人的快乐而进化的”,记者既没有阅读这项研究,也没有将其联系起来。这项研究发表在期刊上。个性与个体差异.The study is led by Associate Professor Menelaos Apostolou.该团队位于尼科西亚大学,with apparently only one woman co-author.

Here,I show why the study is flawed and why the conclusions are premised on dangerousheterosexism.Heterosexism is the prejudiced belief that heterosexuality is ‘natural' and ‘normal,' and that heterosexuality uniformly structures all aspects of social life.  Heterosexism also presumes that gender is a binary (there are only two groups,men or women),排除了变性人的生活经历。Heterosexism brings to light thesocial construction of sexuality,在这种情况下,the values and social dynamics that impact on what is taken-for-granted about heterosexuality.

我将我的讨论集中在异性恋和同性恋者身上,因为这项研究的作者已经假设男人和女人可以是同性恋或异性恋,to the exclusion of other gender and sexual identities.他们这样做的时候没有明确表示(加强双星是异性恋的一个方面,因为性的变异破坏了异性恋是自然和正常的观念。Experiences for transgender lesbians would vary,however,作者假定在考虑女同性恋欲望时存在性别二元性。

With these cautions in mind,let's dive into the study.

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my188betSociology of Indian-Australians and the Diwali Festival

I've been away for work for awhile now,希望能尽快为您带来更多的信息。现在,I thought I'd share with you a post I had planned to  publish weeks ago,but haven't been able to finish until now.Let's talk about the my188betsociology of Indian people in Australia,with a case study of the Hindu festival of Diwali in Melbourne.

印度移民澳大利亚历史悠久,dating back to the 19th Century,早期的记录显示英国带来了印度仆人(注意到这可能包括强迫奴役)。At the time of colonial Australia's first Census,澳大利亚有1800名印度人。今天,印度澳大利亚人是我们第四大移民群体,也是仅次于中国的增长最大的移民群体。和他们的人口doubling in the past decade,according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

In the most recent Census of 2016,over455,000 Australians were born in India,corresponding to 1.9% of our population,though this does not include the second-generation (their children born in Australia).  Together with Nepalese-Australians,Indian people make up76% of the Hindu population in Australia(noting that Hindu people make up only1.9% of our national population).

印度家庭聚集在排灯节:印度光节2014年10月。Federation Square,墨尔本,澳大利亚
排灯节:印度光之节,Federation Square

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Unemployed philosophers

Our backup career has been taken by The Unemployed Philosophers Guild.1 October 2018.

We have all the time for…

The Bank,a local pub in Newtown,New South Wales,greets everyone with respect.Except racists,sexists,transphobes,direspectuful people and dickheads.Useful policy for our weary days.2 October 2018.继续阅读我们一直在追求多样性