Today marks the 11th anniversary of former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's Apology to the失窃的几代人.从1910年到1970年,up to one third of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children (100,000 children) were forcibly removed from their families and sent away from their communities.They were classified according to their skin colour and put into Christian missionaries where they suffered abuse and neglect,或者他们被安置在不了解他们需要的白人寄养家庭。这些孩子被迫忘记了他们的语言,culture and spirituality,and in many cases they were not told of their Indigenous heritage.

The带他们回家1997年的报告收集了这种文化种族灭绝对澳大利亚土著的影响的证据,表明它导致了代际创伤,poor health,以及社会经济问题。The report made 54 important recommendations to end the cycle of violence against Indigenous Australians.

二十年后,土著儿童被从他们的家庭中转移到four times the rate.

加入Grandmothers Against Removals,protestingforced adoptions law in NSW.Their ethos is that: ‘The best care for kids is community.' Below are my live-tweeted comments,beginning at the Archibald Fountain in Sydney.

There are three large police vans and one police car here already.在入侵日抗议活动中观察到警察的存在(祖母也在抗议搬迁),引起了不适当的社区关注。

“可耻的是,今天我们站在政府权力大厅附近,政府权力大厅将再次窃取我们的孩子。”安·韦尔登,会员大都会地方土著土地委员会给出欢迎来到国家。The organisation fights for land rights,manages community land in metro Sydney (from the top of Yengo National Park down to the Georges River) and promotes awareness of community and culture.


Hazel Collins是反对搬迁的祖母们的创始人之一。她一直在抗议失窃一代人不断遭受的创伤和被转移,every year,在这一天,她的生日,自2014以来。

Michael Welsh,who is one of the Stolen Generations,shares his family story.His parents,他和他的孩子都在不同的时间被政府绑架,taking years to reunite due to the racist system which kept them apart.

多琳韦伯斯特,part of the Stolen Generations,代表survivors from Cootamundra girls' home.她谈到了我们为新一代土著青年所造成的创伤,through forced adoptions.

Paul Gray,从AbSec(Aboriginal Child,家庭和社区护理国家秘书处)接下来说话。ABSEC是一个土著控制的高峰组织,为儿童提供权力,youth and their families impacted by the child protection system.他指出,失窃一代的幸存者令人震惊,like Michael and Doreen,在制定新的强制收养法时没有征求意见。

David Shoebridge,Greens Member of the New South Wales Legislative Council says that the government spends $1.2 billion to steal Aboriginal children from their families and communities,but only one sixth of this on funding to keep families together.

影子家庭和社区服务部长,Tanya Mihalik,says that adoption laws harm marginalised Aboriginal families.Labor put in 29 amendments to safeguard legislation on forced adoption,都被政府拒绝了。需要有针对性的早期干预资金。工党将废除这项毫无意义的法律。

Minister Mihalik says there was no draft exposure bill,这不是实施此类立法的最佳方式。咨询文件仅在强制收养法出台前两天发布——就在这之后歉意日.议会没有适当的辩论。She says: ‘This is poor legislation it needs to be reversed.对不起,意思是你不能再这样做了。”

June OscarAO isAboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner.她目前正在努力挽回失去家庭护理的孙子。


我们是黑人妇女。We don't give up and we are strong.' – June Oscar AO

We then marched to stop forced adoptions.‘What does sorry mean?你不能再这样做了。”

领养。没办法,we're gonna fight it,一路!”

The fight against forced adoption led us to the front gate of the Parliament of New South Wales,在那里我们听了更多的演讲者。

大卫·肖布里奇议员再次发言,saying that structural poverty means families can't get their kids back within the two years before they're put into forced adoption.Forty percent (40%) of kids in out of home care are Aboriginal.自从1997年把他们带回家的报告变成了被偷的几代人以来,Aboriginal kids are removed at five times the rate.

他提醒我们11年前,前总理,陆克文向土著人民表达了对被迫迁移的国家道歉。今天,Aboriginal kids in NSW represent the biggest proportion of children being removed nationally,是其他州的两倍。政客们说对不起,但它仍然在发生。

哈泽尔·柯林斯接着讨论了强制迁移对儿童的影响,their health,安全。


Doreen talks about the pain of growing up as a child,never being able to hug her parents,当她被转移到一个女孩的家里。


哈泽尔拥抱她的女儿,她的四个孩子都被搬走了。这家人终于团聚了。但是成千上万的家庭仍然是分开的。Hazel says this can't keep happening.合法化会把他们永远分开,尽管被强制收养。


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