Invasion Day 2019

上周末是澳大利亚的一天。这个节日标志着土著和托雷斯海峡岛民的种族灭绝和被剥夺。This day will never be inclusive or live up to ideals of multiculturalism,as it is a Day of Mourning for First Nations people.我们不仅需要更改日期,还需要更改日期。现在是讲真话的时候了,a Voice to Parliament and Makarrata (treaty),as outlined in theUluru Statement From the Heart.

1月26日,从上午11点开始,我们在入侵日集会上从海德公园向南游行到雅布节。The rally starts with speeches,smoking ceremony and dance commentating survival.记住Waterloo Creek massacre.


发言者讨论了在押死亡的不公正性,包括戴维邓盖伊JRandThomas "TJ"希基.“为什么警察能逃脱谋杀?…We want a change in the system.' David Dungay's mother shares the massive difficulties the family faces in fighting for systemic reform in police,Corrections and justice.“别杀了我们的人。”保罗·西尔弗,Dungay's nephew,告诉我们他叔叔的死。

Suellyn Tighe是Grandmothers Against Removals.她指出,自1998年5月26日向被偷的几代人道歉以来,土著儿童的家庭迁移率增加了5倍。2018年11月,NSW changed the law to adopt out Aboriginal children within two years of being forcibly placed into the out-of-home care system.

Suellyn Tighe founding member of Grandmothers Against Removals

We hear that,from a First Nations perspective,both major government parties have done little or Aboriginal justice,to reduce deaths in custody or support the Stolen Generations.

David Shoebridge,Greens Member of the New South Wales Legislative Council,讨论今天的土著家庭从他们那里带走孩子的可能性是他们的10倍,and now with adoption law changes,the State can steal them permanently.The number of Aboriginal people in jail in NSW is greater than ever.We need to change the country.

海事联盟代表说,虽然我们称自己是一个公平的国家,we've never been fair to Aboriginal workers.

Mapuche woman

“你的战斗是我们的战斗。”一位马普切妇女向土著人民表达了团结。She talks about Mapuche environmental and human rights struggles in Chile and Argentina and then describes Indigenous resistance across Latin America.

Palestinian solidarity with Aboriginal people is expressed next: ‘Your land has been taken.你的人被杀了。你没有任何权利,就像巴勒斯坦人一样。演讲者表演“鸟笼”一首要求政府“向这片土地上的人们敞开你的眼睛。”

Harry,part of the AntiColonial Asian Alliance,pays respects to Aboriginal people.他谈到难民,the lack of support for metal health issues,努力同化。‘Our liberation is inseparable from the struggle of sovereignty for Aboriginal people.'

我们大约在下午1点30分到达雅宾节。Yabun(用gadigal语言表示“音乐到节拍”)是一个免费活动。现场音乐,stalls market,panels and community forums,儿童活动和文化表演。

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